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How To Tell When You Are Losing Yourself In A Relationship

After quite some time of being with someone we love, we tend to adopt some of their characteristics and so do they. Having the same likes or dislikes can also be one of the results. This could explain why some people start to love some shows that they used to snob. If you love your partner, you tend to try to like what he or she likes and you later find out that what they like is also appealing to you. On the other hand, the people we love also tend to do the same.

Keeping your own identity is still very important no matter how long you are together. You might forget who you are if you don’t do this. If you feel you are losing yourself, read on.

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You always say “we” instead of “me.” Always talking about “we” or your plans together and not talking about “me” or “I” means you forgot about your own achievements and plans.

There were things you cannot tolerate before the relationship that you are tolerating now. Even if we sometimes do not admit it, we do have morals. Did you have strong morals before you went into your relationship? Is your partner influencing you to do otherwise? Were you a healthy living advocate but now you are putting up with his unhealthy practices?

Seriously, there might be abuse but you should not just accept it. Being abused by your partner should not be kept a secret.

Your concerns have become the least important. Did you give up most of your belongings because you were going to live with him? You have the right to keep the things you really love. Some think of this as nothing. But it really means something. If you cannot agree on what things to keep in terms of material possessions, you might not agree later on other issues.

You mostly go for his decision. For most couples, one triumphs over the other eventually after trying to agree over something. So are you always the one giving in? Without knowing it, you already lost yourself.

You suddenly feel you need time for yourself. From time to time, we also need to focus on ourselves. Have your alone times seem to have gone? If it seems that you have to be around your partner almost the whole day, then you can be losing yourself. If your partner does not give you some space, he might be jealous or possessive. You should not be forced to attend all parties your partner goes to if you don’t feel well.

If after this you realized that you are losing yourself, talk to your partner to fix issues and if it does not work, seek help. Learn more about this issue, check out more sites.